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Montessori letter board Alphabet Tracing Board

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Montessori English alphabet Tracing Board - wooden educational toy, Montessori letter board, preschool gift.

Letters of the English alphabet in cursive representation for developing writing skills in children after the age of three.
Learning writing before reading is more effective and necessary. Sensorially, children find it easier to learn letters to later recognize their representation and be able to read.

But why cursive? In the teaching of writing, cursive has several advantages over print, as observed by Montessori educators:
Smooth and connected letters do not require the student to lift the pencil, making cursive writing easier.
Since words in cursive are connected, it is easier to determine where one word ends and the next one begins.

Writing letters like b, d, q, p, f, t, a, and c is easier in cursive.

Many Montessori educators believe that transitioning from cursive to print is easier than from print to cursive, as traditionally taught.
Cursive allows students (and people in general) to write faster.

At the beginning of learning cursive, children usually trace the letters with their fingers. They start with lowercase letters and also become familiar with the sounds corresponding to each letter.

At this stage, letter names are not taught, and this is crucial! It is important to vocalize the sound that the symbol represents to facilitate the child's future reading skills.

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Age 3 years +
Material of manufacture beech wood
Size 30x40 cm
Coating coconat oil
Комплектація board with pen

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