According to the law of Ukraine "on the protection of consumer rights": You have the right to exchange a non-food product of appropriate quality for a similar one, if the product did not satisfy you in terms of shape, dimensions, color, size or for other reasons that cannot be used by you for its intended purpose.

However, in accordance with Resolution No. 172, some of the products presented in the store are included in the list of products of proper quality that are not subject to exchange (return):

children's soft toys, goods for babies. These are such products as: Takane ball, Goose comforter, textile handkerchiefs, teethers, toys for children up to one year old.

To each order, we add instructions for the care of the toy, and materials that will help you in care. A wooden toy is particularly sensitive to care. Since we do not cover the toys with aggressive chemicals, it is worth understanding that the toys are subject to temperature changes, humidity and other manipulations. In case of improper use of the toy, namely: washing the wooden toy, using aggressive detergents for textile products, throwing the toys, which led to breakage, unfortunately, we will not be able to replace the product for you.

Money is returned to the buyer only if the order is canceled by the seller or if the dispute is successfully resolved. The full amount of the payment for the order is returned to the buyer within 3 working days in accordance with the terms of operation of banks.

If, for any reason, you decide to cancel your order, please contact us (+38 (067) 670 2357) within 5 hours of placing your order.

When you receive your order at the post office, be sure to check the contents, even if you have paid for it in full. Your order is fully insured if the carrier damaged it during transportation — you have the right to write a request for compensation on the spot. Then contact us and we will make a new product for you.

If you left the branch without checking the order, and at home you saw damage during transportation, we will not be able to replace the product or refund your money, and the carrier will not compensate for these costs!

Products made to individual order cannot be exchanged or returned!