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Takane Montessori puzzle grasping ball

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Named after a Montessori method teacher from Japan, Takane Ball, also known as The Montessori Grasping Ball, Montessori Puzzle Ball or Kicking Ball – is one of the best Montessori toys for baby’s first year of life. Thanks to its unusual design, it instantly grabs the baby’s attention.

Like many other Montessori teaching materials, the Montessori Puzzle Ball can be used during various stages of your baby’s development.


At the age of 3 months, you can hang the ball above your baby’s legs to stimulate their leg movements. The bell inside the ball creates a pleasant sound every time the baby kicks it, creating a logical chain – action/consequence.


Takane Ball has a special shape that makes it very easy to grasp even with tiny hands. Baby will be turning it around and passing from one hand to another. When your little one is able to sit you can hang Montessori ball in front of him/her, the baby will try to reach for it, grasp it and move from side to side. Such exercises are brilliant for developing a baby’s hand-eye coordination.


As your baby learns how to crawl, Montessori Puzzle Ball is an excellent tool to use: it’s easy to chase after as it can’t roll too far from your baby, and its bright colors and attractive shape provide a good amount of motivation.

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Age from birth
Material of manufacture 100% cotton
Size 17 cm

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