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Montessori sand tray

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Montessori sand writing tray is a fundamental tool for sensory play. It is perfect for preschoolers to immerse themselves in the sensory world of sand or other materials and later, to practice writing and drawing.

This open-ended material promotes learning through play. Made from solid beech wood without the use of glue, it will be a reliable material for years to come. For easy maintenance, the tray is coated with moisture-resistant lacquer.

Allow the child to experiment with the sand, creating basic shapes or lines.

Enhance your activities with letter and number cards for writing practice. In the traditional approach, educators teach writing in the sand after the child has mastered the tactile exploration of letters. The child is encouraged to feel the letter or number's outline with their finger and replicate it in the sand.

Show the child how to gently shake the tray from side to side to restore a level surface. Writing can be done using fingers or a stylus later on.

Upon purchasing the tray, you will receive a PDF file with printable cards to complement your sand shape reproduction activities.

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Age 3+
Material of manufacture beech wood
Size 17х25
Комплектація wooden tray and pen

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