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Montessori wooden musical instrument set

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Basic set of first musical instruments in original packaging Features:

  • Easy to hold;
  • Simple and enjoyable to play;
  • Safe;
  • Clean, clear sound;
  • Encourages active engagement of the child;
  • Stimulates creative abilities by exploring various ways to play with them;
  • Develops fine and gross motor skills;
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination;
  • Contributes to the development of hearing and a sense of rhythm;
  • Promotes body and spatial awareness.

Claves or clavi are simple, convenient, pleasant-sounding, and easy-to-learn instruments, essentially sticks for tapping. They can accompany any melody, tapping one stick against another, and can be played individually or in a group.

Castanets on a handle resemble the clattering of a pony's hooves or castanets. The child can control the speed and volume of the clatter independently. They can be used to follow rhythms and complement your active games.

Rattle produces loud "crackling" sounds. The musical instrument is held in one hand, and the wooden teeth are stroked back and forth with a stick held in the other hand. If you try hitting the smooth side of the musical instrument with a spoon or stick, you can simulate the clatter of hooves or the thud of hooves. Rattle involves active hand and finger work, helping toddlers develop fine motor skills and coordination of movements.

Мені дуже сподобалось - починаючи від пакування і до наждачки для догляду. Дуже приємні форми інструментів і гарне звучання, не навʼязливе, досить ніжне. Продемонстрували все дитинці, їй теж було цікаво. Дякую вам❤️
Чудова якість, а головне - неперевершене звучання кожного інструменту.
Я вже постійний покупець) Дуже задоволена якістю за комунікацією. Дитина дуже любить стукати всім, тому лише побачила цей набір - одразу замовила😍 Наші перші музичні інструменти)
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Age From 8 months old
Material of manufacture Ashwood
Size 21x2.5 cm, 20x4 cm, 22 cm
Coating Organic coconut oil
Комплектація Castanets, claves, rattle

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