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Metal Ring Baby Gym Hanger

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Baby Gym Hangers are essential tools for newborn development!


Start with one hanger at first time. Do not overload the gym with several at once. Introduce each hanger to the baby one at a time, from the simplest to the more complex. Only after mastering each one individually you can offer them simultaneously.


We have successfully created hangers that have a nice and stylish appearance, aligning with the Montessori methodology.


Metal Ring 

The metal ring introduces the baby to a new tactile sensation - the cool touch of metal. The baby will try to manipulate it with their hands, learning to coordinate their movements while grasping the ring.


Crinkly Leaf 

Sized perfectly for little hands, the leaf serves as a stress-relieving and enchanting first toy. Its soft and pleasant fabric texture introduces the baby to new sensory experiences. The sound produced when crinkling the leaf provides feedback to the baby, reinforcing the connection between their movements and the sound. This encourages repeated interaction, fostering gripping motions, conscious object exploration, and eye-hand coordination.


Wooden Ring 

The wooden ring is a heavier material compared to the metal ring, offering a greater challenge for the baby. Narrower and lighter than metal, it requires more effort to grasp. This attachment is an excellent tool for practicing object manipulation, sensory development, and enhancing coordination and control of movements.


Bell on a String 

The bell provides feedback to the baby, indicating that specific movements have triggered its sound. The child will strive to replicate this action consistently. This promotes the baby's auditory development, a precursor to language acquisition.


The design of the attachments may vary from the photos in terms of decorative bead shapes, but their main function and aesthetic appeal are preserved.

З цих 4-ьох саме найбільше сподобалась☺️
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