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Children's apron for kitchen creativity

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When you see kids doing household chores in Montessori classrooms, you can always spot an apron on them.

 The apron is a habitual accessory of the first necessity in a life of children. Montessori parents suggest that their children use them for household chores: cooking, creative activities, cleaning, washing dishes or gardening.

 Wearing an apron is a special ritual for a child before any activity. It is are a signal to the child about the beginning or end of a certain activity. Aprons are part of the environment and serve as educational material for the child.

In Montessori classes, children have several different types of aprons, each corresponding to a specific activity. At home we need one practical, which will be convenient for all work. That's why we made an apron that will require minimal intervention from parents. The child can easily put it on or take it off. Wide Velcro fasteners will help in this matter. The Velcro we use is of the highest quality and will not deteriorate over time. The fiber, which repels water and dirt, will help the apron stay clean and tidy for a long time, and care will be easy. A small amount of polyester in the fabric makes the apron elastic and resilient. Oversleeves included with the apron, for the highest protection of clothing. A two-year-old child will be able to wear them on his own. Feature of the apron:

  • appropriate size for toddler;

  • protection against moisture and dirt;

  • stylish and aesthetic fabric that will not distract from work;

  • easy to use by a child;

  • quality material and easy care for him.

Фартух - це як окреме задоволення, як для діток так і для мене. Чудово, що у пошиті була використана саме брудно-відштовхуюча тканина, бо інакше після наших фарбувань, не можна було б відіпрати абсолютно нічого. Дякую за продумані нарукавники, дуже рятують рукава одягу.
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Age from 12 months
Material of manufacture 100% cotton
Size universal (45 cm long)
Coating water and dirt repellent

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