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Claves rhythmic sticks for children

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We all know how to enjoy music, sing a melody or a song; feel the rhythm and sound. Music plays an important role in a child's life, and from an early age we can introduce music into a child's life. For a baby from seven months, you can reflect the rhythms of rimes, songs or poems. Next, let the baby try to "make music" on their own. Knock on different surfaces, develop an auditory analyzer and feel the difference in sound when you hit different surface.

Options for games and activities for children from 2 years:

  1. Start with one stick: roll the claves in the palms. You need to ride as if you are trying to warm your hands.
  2. Put the wand on the upper part of the palm (on the pads) and catch the balance so that the wand does not fall.
  3. By analogy, keep the balance on two fingers.
  4. Rotate the wand in your hand, rotating your wrists.
  5. Twist the wand with your fingers in one hand.
  6. Take the key in your hand with your fist clenched, then you need to intercept the free edge of the stick in the other hand, as if climbing the rope up and then down. Repeat several times.
  7. Run the stick all over your body: behind your back, under your feet and above your head, and then make an eight under your feet, grabbing the stick with different hands.
  8. Now you can try two: try to ask the child to repeat the rhythmic pattern. Then ask your child to create their own rhythm and repeat it several times.
  9. Squeeze the sticks between the palms and roll them.
  10. Show the child how loud / The keyboards sound as fast as fast / slowly possible knock.
  11. Cross the sticks. Try tapping on the sides, then cross your arms and tap again. This is VERY important habit in the development of the child, which helps in reading and writing.
  12. Turn on some music, march around the room and pretend that your keyboards are different instruments. Blow the trumpet, knock on the drum, play the flute, saxophone, play the violin or play the guitar.
Задолоена якістю і обробкою, дякую
В нас татао має схожі, малючок тепер має власні, дякую!!!
Нашій Ганусі зарано ними користуватися. Але клавеси використовую я коли співаю їй потішки ( або коли тато грає на гітарі - я відбиваю ритм) . У нас є інші вагі дерев‘яні вироби і якщо, наприклад, кубик об кубик стукати то звук буде не однорідний , не чіткий . А у клавес він як треба , він чистий і однорідний : саме такий повинен бути ритм і звук .
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Age 8 months +
Material of manufacture beech wood
Size 21 cm, stick diameter: 25 mm.
Coating coconut oil

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