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Goose muslin comforter

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The Goose Comforter is the first completely safe toy for babies that provides support and care.

The goose becomes a symbol of the bedtime ritual for the child. It signals that it's time to relax and calm down. We can establish this association by offering the toy during the bedtime routine.

Such a toy can also serve as a source of comfort for the child during stressful periods in their life, such as vaccinations, leaving home, long car trips, being in daycare or with a nanny, or being in the hospital. It is a familiar object from home, filled with the scent of parents, their own bed, and so on. It can always be taken along.



  • Convenient ergonomic size
  • Soft hypoallergenic fabric
  • No small parts, completely safe
  • Easy to care for


The comforter is suitable not only for newborns and infants but is often chosen for older children as well. Personally, my daughter wasn't interested in a comforter at an early age, but around the age of two, it became her favorite toy. Therefore, when choosing a toy, it's important to consider the individual interests of your child.

Уже вдруге замовила такого гусачка на подарунок і обидва рази не прогадала. Мами кажуть, що дітки в захваті від цієї іграшки-комфортера і взагалі не випускають їх із рук. Дякую bavka за чудову якість та сервіс!
Купувала ще, коли малюку було 7 міс., обожнює досі ( 15 міс.)😻😻😻
Як це цінно чути! Чудово, що іграшка стала для малюка такою рідною🥰!
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Age from birth
Material of manufacture 100% cotton
Size 35x25 cm

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Nova Poshta


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