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Montessori grasping cube and box

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Offered to an infant at around 8-9 months old, who is sitting unassisted.

It is recommended to introduce the Egg and Cup before the Box and Cube, progressing in difficulty as they go from egg to cube and setting your child up for success.


Infants and Toddlers become interested in fitting objects and putting them into or out of another object. These activities enhance hand-eye coordination and give the children an opportunity for their two hands to work together in a meaningful way. This exercise builds their independence and introduces them to problem solving when the item doesn’t fit. The child will then practice on which way to place the cube and will feel the success when it is placed correctly.


When baby is putting a cube in a box it is necessary to line up the corners of the box with the cube for it to fit.


Child has to turn over the box to remove the cube. It takes some concentration and practice for the child.

Добрий день! Дитинці 6 місяців, взяли на пізніше. Зараз їй цікаво розглядати його, перекладати з руки в руку. Бере коробочку і бавиться нею. Думаю, що трохи згодом буде складати і "за призначенням".
Виріб гарної якості, приємний на дотик. Дуже естетично виглядає. Гарний запах дерева та кокосового масла. Я задоволена)
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Age 5 month +
Material of manufacture ash, beech wood
Size Box size: 6x6 Cube size: 4x4 cm
Coating coconut oil

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