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A toy for babies an egg on a stand

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The Wooden cup and egg will help your baby learn to use both sides of his body at the same time—a skill that’s important for things like getting dressed. He needs lots of practice using both hands at once to build the speed of communication between his brain’s hemispheres. As simple as it is, the egg cup is physically fascinating to babies.


In the beginning, your baby will probably just enjoy banging the egg and cup together—this is also a way to use both sides of the body at once!

See if he can dump the egg out of the cup at first— eventually he'll work out how to put the egg in.

Show your baby how to set the egg in the cup and then take it out again.

Have your baby hold the egg in one hand, and the cup in the other, and encourage him to put them together.

Have him try to repeat your action—if he doesn’t, help guide his hands while standing or sitting behind him.

Малюку дуже сподобалось! Якісь я неймовірна 😻 дякую велике !!!
якість* неймовірна
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Age 6 months +
Material of manufacture beech wood
Size 8 cm
Coating coconut oil

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