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Newborn first materials toys

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Set of the first materials for the infant will be perfect for gift. If you did not know what is useful to offer your baby after birth - there it is. These materials will serve the child for a long period of time: the grasping beads and Montessori discs up to one year, and a comforter as a favorite toy  -  for many years. 
 This product is perfect not only for sleeping, but also for games. Ideally performs the function of a rodent.

Comforter develops vision, sensory and motor skills, as well as gives a feeling of calm, coziness and psychological comfort.

Comforter Goose thanks to the delicate material and ergonomic design, is easy to hold in the hand of even the youngest children. The comforter is made of pleasant to the touch hypoallergenic fabric, and has no hard and small elements, so nothing can harm the child.

Montessori Grasping Beads are simple Montessori material that helps to grasp objects. It encourages the child to control his hands and fingers to reach out, grab an interesting object and bring it closer to look. All beads are firmly fixed with a triple knot. The size of the bead is 3 cm.

The interlocking discs are one of the first developmental materials that can be offered to infants. First, they will aid with the grasping reflex of the child as they learn to handle the material and even transfer it from hand to hand. Further, the design of this item allows it to gently roll away when placed on the floor - encouraging your little one to chase after it once he or she has started crawling!

Метеріал видно що високої якості, приємне на дотик, доставка закордон та сервіс відмінні! Дякую за створення чудових подарункових боксів та врахування побажань!
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Age 3 months +
Material of manufacture beech wood, 100% cotton
Size comforter - 35x25 cm, grasping beads - 14 cm, interlocking discs 5 cm one circle

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