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Topponchino newborn pillow

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Topponcino is a soft, mat-like pillow for holding a baby. It provides comfort, support and stability during the first few tender months of life. Topponcino ensures a smoother transition of the child from the mother's womb to our world. Caring for the baby becomes easier in these first months of acquaintance thanks to the pillow with an anatomical oval shape.

Mattress material

The mattress itself is made of Memory Foam. This is a highly elastic memory foam that can adapt to the shape of the body. The foam consists of many air cells, which under the influence of heat compress and envelop the baby from all sides. The material heats up, becomes viscous and gently sags, repeating the contours of the baby. Thanks to this, Topponcino hugs the baby, creating ideal conditions for relaxation of all muscle groups and unhindered blood circulation. Memory Foam is hypoallergenic and perfectly ventilated. It quickly removes moisture, does not accumulate dust.

How to use Topponcino:

for rocking, lulling the baby. It doesn't matter whether the baby is in your arms or in his cradle, he will always feel the familiar aroma of his mother, who has absorbed Topponcino;

with Topponcino, you can easily transfer your baby from your hands to other people's hands. It supports the child's body, keeps it warm and comfortable. And it will also help to protect the baby from rough textures of clothes, perfumes of people unknown to the child;

as a nursing pillow. Thanks to its ergonomic design and material, Topponchino will become the most comfortable pillow for feeding, as it smoothly adapts to the contours of the baby's body;

for keeping by brothers/sisters. Topponcino creates the necessary support for this. So older children will feel more confident and will be able to participate much more fully in the process of establishing a connection with their new brother or sister;

for gentle transfer to bed. It often happens that the baby falls asleep in the mother's arms during feeding, and putting the baby to bed becomes a real test. With Topponcino, there will be no sudden temperature changes, and the child will remain on the same material;

like a comforter or a diaper, it absorbs the familiar smells of parents and home. And this can help when visiting new places, pediatricians and other specialists;

mat for games. You can always cleanly and conveniently place the baby on any surface. Perfect for tummy time or a massage. You can easily roll it up and take it with you anywhere, thanks to the convenient textile cover.

Дуже зручно переносити дитинку, поки вона ще не тримає голівку. Дитинка швидше засинає
Дякуємо про за ваш відгук! Хай Топпончіно дарує лише комфортні спогади😇
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Age From birth
Material of manufacture Memory Foam, terry membrane, 100% cotton 40x75 cm
Size 40х75 cm
Комплектація Foam, cover with waterproof terry membrane, beige fitted sheet, textile bag

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