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Children's Oven Mitt Set

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With boundless excitement, children eagerly join us in our daily tasks. They derive immense joy from partaking in simple activities, particularly relishing the fruits of their own efforts.


Engaging in uncomplicated yet captivating tasks not only fosters essential skills but also serves as a remarkable means of enhancing physical abilities, logical thinking, attention span, concentration, and coordination. However, the true worth lies in the creation of indelible memories during festive occasions, brimming with an ambiance of love, care, and the warmth of home.


These child-friendly oven mitts are designed for kitchen assistance! Perfect for cooking, baking, or play, rest assured that it's heat-safe, enabling children to handle warm or hot items with supervision, providing both safety and comfort. Toddlers specifically need two kitchen mitts, as it is natural for them to grasp a heavy object with both hands and thus distribute its weight.


With these kitchen mitts, you can explain to the child what "hot" means in a safe way. After all, it's better to show them rather than letting the little one learn it through a bitter experience. The mitt can also be used to pick up cookies when they are no longer too hot, and if the child can't wait to try them, they can blow on them to cool them down a bit.

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Age 18 months+
Material of manufacture 100% cotton, siliconeized fiber Slimtex
Size Mitt - 20x10 cm,
Комплектація Set includes two mitts

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